Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome to Spatial Progression :)

Often when caught in times of STASIS I look around and wonder how others seem to make so much PROGRESS. They start at Point A and travel nicely along Point B, C, D, E, F, G....etc occasionally they might do something a bit exciting and skip H and I altogether while getting to K, but it's still incredibly neat...

Me however, it's like a tangled and chaotic web: I guess like everyone I started at Point A (Birth) but after B through E it all got a bit confused...I seemed to skip to Point M then back to C then onto W (a point most people only experience decades on)...anyway now I seem stuck back to D: WHY IS THAT?

Then I realise, while most people are making neat linear progress...although it seems like stasis at Point D for the umpteenth return trip, there's a reason...there's always a reason for everything that happens :)

I finally worked it multiple visits to Point D amount to what is essentially SPATIAL progress...while everybody is travelling along nicely through M/N/O I am incredibly privileged to be peeking behind the hidden doors that few notice at point D: that is Point D squared, D cubed and whatever you call D to the is my inner numbers nerd that never peeped its head finally making a fashionable appearance?

So my concluding thoughts on this particular topic, wow. Exploring D squared and D cubed etc are a privilege that only few are made aware of...

MY life has never been and is NEVER boring!!!

Welcome to Spatial Progression :)

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