Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well I AM a Water Girl after all ;)

I saw WATER FOR ELEPHANTS tonight...and LIKED...lol I think, alas...in my old age...I'm getting mushier and more sentimental. I especially really have a heart for animals these days...(but not dogs, I am so getting over my love affair with dogs- they seriously don't chain them up in this area and they are terrifying monsters!)

In any case another interesting development is that I am SO OVER my Venus in Aquarius obsession...I'm even over fire signs...yup I think this girl has grown up and out of OPPOSITES ATTRACT. These days I finally see my fellow water signs for the absolutely thoughtful, darling, kind, giving, compassionate, sensitive and caring, intuitive and understanding beings that they are...FINALLY I am in touch with what traditional astrological wisdom has always said!

I'm going to get THE CAT tomorrow...any name suggestions? LOL, some times love really is at first sight...I just need that cat!

The Jehovah's Witness that knocked on my door came AGAIN this time showing up with reinforcements...luckily it is easy for me to be blunt...I just said "LOOK I REALLY DON'T CARE"....lol and I didn't even feel a tad rude or guilty about it, I love it, I love my aspie tendencies :)

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