Monday, May 2, 2011

Seemingly futile sense of accomplishment :P

So I've gotten real HIGHS from being so self sufficient and being able to do handy country bumpkin-esque things for myself and learning about such things which I and my entire social circle as typically desk professionals know ZILCH about and have no talent for...

In any case everytime I achieve something it seems like the next day I'm at square one again with a new insurmountable "handy" challenge-arghhhhhh! It's almost like that company HIRE A HUBBY was made for me!!! I guess that's what you get when you were born petite and fragile with uncoordinated fingers and toes! It's so amazing what tradey types can do-my neighbour was just showing me a steam train he built entirely from scratch wheels and all-wwwwwooooowwww.

Anyway I think the initial lesson of moving to a town I know noone in was: learn to be independent and self sufficient, and now the lesson has evolved to be a reminder that one still needs other the moral at the end of the day is, as always...BALANCE!!!

Of course though if I was filthy rich I would just get a personal assistant and could employ people to do all the most basic of things for me...maybe that should be an aspiration, a useful if not shallow one...

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HappyOrganist said...

heheh is not shallow ^^

people need people - I've always said it