Sunday, May 15, 2011

Surreal Sunday

It's been a really tiring couple of weeks. So I was so grateful today to just take a lazy Sunday...cos literally I was too tired to prioritise anything more chore-ish(despite having the best intentions to...sheesh takes a while to lose that city- slicker- deadlines -are -biting- you- on-the -butt mentality!)

So's been a bit surreal this afternoon and the past day or so...I remember thinking yesterday that the last few months/year have been so extraordinary that they would warrant not just a very interesting novella but a full blown novel! And that maybe I could/should write one...

Oh well perfect surrounds to be a writer I in a nature reserve is such a paradise- there are so many exotic looking birds which I have no idea what the names of favourite of course is a kooky-quirky looking one that has taupe wings a black top of head a bright yellow beak, a slightly disproportionate body and a white breast. I think it dives for fish but I couldn't be sure. (If anyone can identify likely candidates based on that description I would be grateful...)

People are also so friendly...with my ingrained city slicker conditioning it still takes me rather aback when people all around offer friendly greetings as you walk by...the good thing is they aren't pushy and in your face about it (especially when my response is timid and restrained at best)!...Although I have to admit a very athletic and friendly dog did bound over a 1 metre high fence to stick it's head up at me in greeting appearing out of nowehere which just left me speechless and in shock for quite a protracted few seconds!

It also occurred to me that if I had a very rich friend, the easiest and quickest way to viisit me would be by aquaplane...I don't think you'd have to prebook a landing or anything...but yeah that thought was pretty surreal!

Apart from that an amusing excerpt of conversation yesterday:

somewhat random stranger: "you're such an interesting person, I could talk to you for hours!"
me: "yeah I get that alot...."

"...I have to have SOMETHING going for me!!!"

*chuckles all round*


HappyOrganist said...

Hahahahaha you're so vain =D
We're just starting Sunday here (it's midnight), and I had such a long day yesterday that I crashed at 7! Can you believe it?
was all set to go grocery shopping and I sat down for a minute and realized I didn't want to get up. Luckily Cody was not as tired.

I should tell you about tequila in a shampoo bottle sometime. It's my latest adventure (no no I didn't drink any, of course) - but I kid you not the drink this friend of a friend brought to the first friend's party looked like it was contained in a shampoo bottle. "I want some of that!! Anything out of a shampoo bottle's gotta be good... ^^"
not to poke fun at people - but it looked kind of funny.

Zz... said...

and people think I'M the weirdo??! LOL they'd absolutely LOOOOVE you here....(!!!)

I had a Jehovah's witness knock on my door and I literally was confused and asked- wait do you guys wear special undergarments..I have a friend in Utah...

She corrected me very bursquely with "no their MORMONs" it sounded a bit rude...clarification understood then I went on to dig her about whether they allow medical was an interesting chat! :D

Ernst said...

It's great to hear you have such a nice Sunday. Australia made it to the Dutch news here today due to the arrest of 1600 drunk people during the "Operation Unite". Ehm, I doubt it or this is the news the tourist sector of Australia was dreaming of ;)

HappyOrganist said...

Wow, that's interesting. (hilarious that you made that mistake and they were upset =D )

Around here we usually don't engage in conversation (well not let them into our house) with JWs b/c sometimes they are pushy (I hate to say always - 'cause it's probably not true). And hey - maybe we're pushy, too (don't know what people say about us.. )

So what about medical interventions, then? ??

Maria Sondule said...

A lot of people seem to be going to nature reserves lately.
I've never heard or seen an aquaplane. It makes me think of one of those rich superheroes that flies to exotic islands to defeat other evil rich people.

JJ Beazley said...

You're such an interesting person. I could talk to you for hours.

Well, minutes anyway. I tend to take frequent naps in my bath chair these days.