Saturday, May 14, 2011

Succumbing to DAG(dom)!

So I caved.

Although I think UGGS are the most daggy looking shoes that should not be worn around in public after CROCS...I finally gave in to practicality...well at least I bought two pairs of dirt cheap ones...and considering wearing them around out in public(at least locally) cos it is just SO.DAMN.COLD!

Anyway to make the offensive look less offensive in my mind...I realised DAG can also stand for D.A.G=Deadly Attractive Girl! hahahahahah...

I'd post a pic of the offending footwear but I'm too lazy...

Still. So. Busy. And VERY TIRED :P


HappyOrganist said...

that's pretty fun. I had to look up what those are, of course ('cause I'm not trendy enough to know ::sigh::)
I don't think they look that bad. 'course the ones YOU bought might ;D


Stay Warm! Good luck with the shoveling food project. I'm up to 113 lbs (just between you, me and the walls). I think it's PMS bloating/water retention (unusual for me I think - so maybe it's not!) I can only hope it's not what you are no doubt thinking right now (don't think I don't know). But it shouldn't be that.

anyway, have fun with those boots ^^

Zz... said...

what's your shoe size? they aren't all that heavy maybe i can send you a pair if they have any left! do you prefer tan brown or black? I could fit the size 5 that's how I managed to get two pairs...if i recall you have superhuge feet so they might still have some of your weird size too ;)

HappyOrganist said...

We have those here. (well at least we have things that look JUST like them here at Walmart.) thanks, though ;)
I have very cool boots. I should show them to you (just so you can say "those aren't cool at all") =D
But I love 'em.
If you want to send something, send more stickers ;)

Ernst said...

Funny how people can give up their principles so easily when it comes to fashion versus comfort ;)

Zz... said...

hey Ernst...check out the pic in the next post...they could have been ALOT worse! (which is what I often see paraded in the street...)