Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Having spent the last few months with foreigners and increasingly intense exposure to much older generations, it's a serious culture shock to be exposed to the local lacking in manners...What uncivilised DEROS...Sheesh!

A bit of respect, courtesy and consideration, properly formed words and sentences without the use of swearing wouldn't go astray...who knew I'd become so prim and proper in my old age...but SERIOUSLY...standards could definitely be lifted!!!

Interactions with local youth and I think...geez didn't your mother bring you up any better? What do they TEACH you in school these days? LOL am I starting to sound like an out of date Grandma yet? LOL well I don't get that nickname for nothing! ;)

Culture and refinement here are non-existent, but hey, I like the kookaburras...-so pudgy and fluffy and cheeky, very very cute :) sorry too lazy to take a pic to post. There's a couple that sit and watch the world go by on my neighbour's laundry line. I enjoy sneak peeking at them through the chink in the curtain in my window :)


Anonymous said...

Firstly, thanks for your complements on my English ideas. I not really good as I want at English language, however I try to sound a bit poetic. The Brooklyn's weather is a kind of crazy, yesterday was a sunny day, so beautiful to walk, however today is a raining one, a cloudy Wednesday.

You make me laugh when you mention that you are sounded like a out of date Grandma.

Franko Gnedo said...

I can imagine a little old lady hitting some young punks with a walking stick saying get some manners!

I agree with you. I must be an old grandpa. I could also sit and watch the kookaburras watching the world.

Evil Shannanigans said...

HA! You know you are getting old when you start criticizing the youth of today. Join the club grandma!

Zz... said...

Shan I bet the youth of today HERE are 10 times more dero than the ones in TB-No joke!!!

I'm getting Anti-Aussie, I'd prefer a Canuck even from TB any day! And I guess since you are the MAYOR'S daughter, they better be nice to me too...hahaha!