Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zhen Makes A MESS.

LOL that title reminds me of one of those Mr Men kid's storybook series...I reckon I should start my OWN series...LOL *Narcissism*! hahahaha

So anyway, THIS is what I am talking about....


So how did I get myself into such a MESSY predicament? WELL. If you know me super duper well you will know that my very favourite food EVER is Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!! ^^ ^^ ^^

Like seriously, I love Pies so much I have in fact even been called "Pie" as an alternative name(!)

So ANYWAY. What happens is that these past few years I managed to get through Winter cos I had two friends in town that would make me Pies however one has since deserted to Africa and the other the UK. So that left me Cold & PIE-less!!! Which meant I needed to take matters into my own two hands!!...*shakes head sadly*

Ah what the heck, for PIE it's WORTH IT! But Boy did I exert so much energy having to make and clean up after the Pie can you blame that I almost ate the entire dish all by myself?? To be perfectly honest I am used to being waited on hand and foot- TB usually makes the entire pie let's me eat more of it and cleans up afterward, all the while while I just sit there curled in a couch sipping tea or muching chocolates... Yep, I don't mind Men waiting on me like royalty...LOL..feminist "independent and capable" is sooo passe! ;)

Anyway back to the important part...the Pie specifications...
Cos I was feeling a bit lazy I made an Organic Pizza/Pasta Sauce pie...with beef mince, onion, carrots and quinoa(all beef is just too heavy), baby corn and peas, and potato and pumpkin mash....covered with a butter puff pastry top...YUUUUUUM!!! :D...however being lazy I would usually wrap the entire thing in a a kind of pillow case-but seeing as it's butter pastry I thought I should keep it to a single I just used a ceramic dish and stuck a sheet over the top- who knew it would get SO SO STUCK and MESSY! Never again...It's not so fun when there's no TB or L to clean up after funny they are both Venus in Cancers...if you want someone who loves to cook for you and look after you I highly recommend a Venus in Cancer-I've had four cook and clean for me in total so trust me on this one :)

Apart from that I had a great time chatting with a 44yo man I met today. LOL I'm starting to work up some impressive numbers with this pattern here- is the universe trying to tell me something? Like maybe they are the people I most naturally get along with and relate to without even trying? LOL

Anyway I felt a bit guilty at the elitism that is starting to creep in to my psyche...I can't get myself to associate with people my own age-basically unless they have gained maturity through being married or having kids or some other traumatic life experience (LOL) I can't help but think of them as little children that are a waste of effort to talk an annoying little sister or brother. Basically after all the many random people I have talked to I worked out that never married childless boys do not become men until say about the age of FORTY on average. Women are kind of's cos of this generation of Extended Adolescents...anyway I need to work up the nerve to try and get along with someone-anyone within 10 years of my own age. I think I'm making myself just cos it seems so undo-able LOL! P.S Nine+ years still qualifies! ;)

Oh and these are the two sets of cheapo uggs that I add to my ever burgeoninig but TOTALLY practically necessary shoe collection! :D

And one final confession...I'm kind of addicted to GREEN&BLACKS organic dark 60% chocolate with organic crystallized it did cross my mind that maybe I should be a chococlate reviewer and get companies to send me free samples LOL...and that No H.O, unfortunately the bar just reviewed CANNOT be sent in the post and irradiated- that would just be doing it total injustice...I'm pretty sure you can get it in the states though...or else you'll just have to visit Down Under when the Munchkins are old enough...LOL


JJ Beazley said...

Being in a somewhat soppy mood today, and therefore prone to making unwarranted confessions that I shall probably regret when the portcullis drops again, I'm prepared to admit that:

Your posts are interesting. Engaging. Characterful. Maybe even cute.

Up drawbridge. I like pies, too.

Mishy Moo said...

Just so you all know, I demanded a kiss before I cooked for her..... But I made her dessert too, and I'm really good looking so she's the lucky one :)