Monday, May 9, 2011

Woah, woah, woooah...arghhhhhhhhh!!!

*....sounds of a zhen trying to ride a bike*


(like the asian face? yeah asians are cuties ;)

It's raining again though I guess I'll get to try in another two weeks :p or so!

On another note of daily highlights I heard an exciting sizzle nearby much like a sausage on the barbie for the first time today...

t'was my hair burning...

wow what an efficient way to shorten one's hair! ;)


HappyOrganist said...

I told you to quit playing with the moxa!

Evil Shannanigans said...

curling iron?

You struck me as a bike

Ernst said...

Fair enough I thought it was an attempt for yodelling :)

Zz... said...

that is damn funny HO you are SPOT on about what happened!!! ;)

Shan...AS IF i would be playing with a curling iron :P

yeah I SHOULD have been a super bike rider by now if I had had the chance to learn growing until I manage to work out how to BALANCE ><...I will just be a WANNA BE ;) :D

so impatient-bike shops here refuse to give me adult training wheels-they want me to learn the hard way, lol

Ernst... yeah I reckon it probably passes as- it CRACKS ME UP! after the arghhhh you just hear a fitful of giggles when I've stopped and with feet safely on the ground. Not sure why but when people who can ride come and show off to me they can ride soooo slowly when i try cos I can't balance it seems like full speed ahead...and it's a bit scary! LOL

MyAlterEgo said...

so was that therapeutic??

Hey - you hop on a bike, crash into a tree a few times and then you get it! not difficult. just brace yourself for impact ;)