Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anybody want a Toyboy?

Lol T.B sent me a msg asking me to come out ending with "I'm more good looking and romantic than ever..." - which left me cracking up...and also kinda felt sorry for him... his only female exposure being old hags who live near by *lol ;) Cos he works such crappy hours it's not like he can even meet any nice girls in real life. So if any nice cute girls 18-23 happen to drop by...;)

In all honesty he's not a bad investment...the guy can COOK, cleans better than me, is a qualified masseur(niiiice!), tcm therapist....and an obnoxious huggy touchy feely photogenic LEO with venus in Cancer who loves dancing...if that sounds like your boy...well give us a yell! hehe ;)

Back to bed for's like 3.5 hour stints bed 1 hour awake in a's been like this for most of the last 10 days :p


Shannanigans said...

the thing is, even if he is a masseuse I bet he hates doing it when he is not working. Like Steve is a carpenter and so my house is falling apart, and I work in a casino and hate casinos...and so on

mscherrylane said...

oh he's willing if you're a girl...LOL I've stopped exploiting him though so you don't have to smack me ;)

i guess no carpenters for me...I always thought a carpenter would be cool to build my custom made furniture and you tell me what it is really like...BLAH!

yeah missy i think it's about time to get out of the casino gig for you- i think you might get an idea of future direction in your dreams...record them!

HappyOrganist said...

um.. is he gay?

[i'm so sorry, i've been DYING to say that] better to be a dork/goofball than a chicken.

Anyway, i'm not in the market, obviously. But that's terrific you're doing all his advertising for him.
What a pal ;-D