Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday Nights Out Are Creepy.

Last few days I've felt sick and incredibly tired. At 7pm I felt it was bedtime but it was 2 more hours I would have to wait to forcibly drag myself out to attend G(my last friend left in this city's) big 30th!

So anyway. Rip off taxi drivers, way too many dodgy, skanky cig smoking people on the street and male harrassment aside I was in a jazz club. Which was all fine and dandy until...the singer opened her mouth....the audio visual that immediately came to mind was: Cat being mauled in a washing machine. Ouch! Totally harsh and ungracious spectator I know. Sorry. Just, where music is concerned I have high standards and I was expecting something more at the level of angelic voice a la Katie Noonan...but no such luck. And not only that, despite the instrumental band being good, the group felt the need to play adulterated pop jazz crap and that is when I really let out a couple of sighs and wanted to bury my face in my hands...Why is it so rare to find REALLY GOOD jazz in this city...I guess I'll have to sate my expectations in Prague, Warsaw or Manhattan...

Texted my music INTJ mate my state of woe to which he wisely replied that I'd learnt my lesson and I should stick to my INTJ instincts next stay at home on a Saturday night! LOL

Yup, I'd much rather spend my Saturday nights IN cuddled up on the couch with a good DVD or book and some hot chocolate. Okay, or even studying in this instance :P

Ironically though as soon as I left that little box of too many random people who I immediately just categorised (by virtue of being in this city) as daggy, pretentious tryhards or sleazes looking for a hookup, and was out in the fresh air walking next to some marvellous old fig? trees under the open sky, I felt a whole lot better....and THAT my friends was the most enjoyable part of my Saturday night!

LOL, some people were just BORN to be Party Poopers. G is lucky I left early ;)

To be fair I am just in such an anti-this city sick of this country mode right now-it's not SUCH a hole here- my mind is just far far away all over the globe anywhere but here! And the reality is getting closer, if I want...the opportunity is tangibly there for me to defect...I just need to work out where!


james said...

I also don't like going out on Saturday nights for all of the reasons you've mentioned. I'm guessing my favourite night out is Thursday. It's busy, but not too busy. Oh, and I see you're INTJ also.

zhen said...

you sure are remarkably sociable and get out and about alot for an INTJ! ...and considering how "Social" your job!

I think my favourite night out is probably a Monday cos that's when most people aren't. My favourite nights in are Friday and Saturday.

Franko Gnedo said...

Sorry that this sounds harsh but you should be aware that we take ourselves where ever we go. Do you know the story about the travelling man asking a wise woman what are the people like in the next city? She replied by asking what were they like in the city you just came from? But I do understand what you mean and I do feel like that at times and your description is quite funny :)

zhen said...

FG, not harsh at all! why do people in this country always struggle so much with honesty? (like i said reflects something about our culture but possibly also the western world...america, uk also very much like this)

yup we take ourselves wherever we an extent. Sometimes we must stay in places we don't particularly like for a bit...

i am very environmentally sensitive though...I lived in a place like where you lived before and there were almost ZERO RANTS(and no non trivial ones either) to be heard for the entire duration! I can't wait for the next few months to pan out...I will surely be in for a whole heap of culture shock but I doubt I'll come back to this city permanently- for me this place has always been out of responsibility not somewhere I would actually choose of my own unlimited desire. There are many other places I prefer, especially the way it is evolving and unfolding- it was much nicer as a child.