Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another extrovert

it's sort of like Murphy's Law but with extroverts! Me and Bday twin seem to be Extrovert MAGNETS! Or not even that...people magnets - even when trying to hide in solitude away from the masses always get found!!!

We were walking and suddenly she sees an old schoolmate. Content to give a polite nod of acknowledgement from a distance we walk away...but NO the extrovert chases after us and stops us! Not only that he then needs to have an introduction AND shake my hand despite them being comfortably and hygenically in my pockets. Grudgingly took them out to do that dreaded shake hands thing...and his ring is so big and intrusive it scratches and hurts my hand...not only that I now feel all germed out.

MAN extroverts are Nuisances!

I really need to make sure I put hand sanitizer back in my bag.

I think we 9 november girls just ain't ever gonna win any popularity prizes...maybe ones for "Most anti-social"!

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