Monday, May 24, 2010

Karma And Hope?

So if you feel you've had a lot of sh*t happen to you and you really have no idea what you've done to warrant quite so much...we like to think and actually some Buddhist scholars say, it has everything to do with misdemeanours from a PAST life...

Which is exactly why despite all the rants and raves, I still am a pretty damn good cookie, although my thoughts do tip over the rail temporarily from time to time but my actions have always stayed above board! Strangely though to many humans (and they have commented) this defies reason, logic and most of all human instinct. This is probably cos I do believe in this "Karma" thing and I don't want to invite any more even if it is for a next life which presumably I won't even know to connect two and two anyway.

In any case though, those few times when you are around to witness karma in action in the "what comes around goes around" in the short space of a portion of a human life where your memory is still in tact to connect two and two- wow, it is pretty amazing to witness someone receiving their just desserts...In the past month I have witnessed this happen twice - to a friend who was severely wronged- that person had exactly what he had inflicted upon her done unto him. And another person's uncompassionate and selfish behaviour- wow circumstances unfolded so suddenly their life ain't so cruisy and they will have to learn selflessness and compassion by experience. Not that I have particular qualms with either of these people I just couldn't help but stop to observe how the shape of energy given back seemed to be cookie cutter duplicate of that original energy they had given out!

So yep, next time you even start to THINK bad intentions, you better try and halt those in their tracks...and definitely don't act on them even if it is anti-reason. As my bday twin says "we can't let ourselves sink to that level", lol...a higher power is there to serve just punishments, we're just humans, we don't know or understand sh*t, we just like to fantasize that we do ;)


miruspeg said...

I totally believe in Karma. I have for a long,long time.
It definitely keeps me on the straight and narrow.
Great post Macs.
Peggy xxx

Franko Gnedo said...

Karma is a great concept for many many reasons including encouraging a more pleasant society. Karma does appear to be highly visible. People who act badly appear to have mostly bad life situations and people who act in good ways appear to have mostly good life situations. It is best however to not expect or even desire good in return for good deeds including good Karma in this or subsequent lives. The highest good is done because it is the right thing to do with no expectation or desire for reward. Ironically such actions are the most deeply rewarding.

HappyOrganist said...

mm.. I've dished it out and had it dished back to me a time or two (maybe only once. all the other times all my actions have been positive ;) )

oh, actually now that I think about it, that has happened more than once in my life.

Yeah - goes around comes around. Better make sure your sending out what you'd like to get back. 'cause it does come back in one shape or another ;D
And way to go for staying afloat.

zhen said...

Pegs have you witnessed this karmic boomerang in a big way esp in regards to...?

FG...the people that do good things to "earn something"...I dump them in the fake and insincere and FAKE pile! most of society, I here goes the big city cynicism...

HO you should publish some posts on what you have dished out...I could use some entertainment and de-stressment here, lol...I know it's not a word but I just wanted to sound you know how much around here is written in french, regardless of how few people speak it...I guess esp on food menus throw in a little french and you can jack up the price! LOL

it's such a beautiful language though...i want to learn it again...I just got turned off because it is used here mainly out of sheer pretensiousness.

my raft feels only half inflated but Pour le moment, je regarde les étoiles et rêve <3 ;) i really need to relearn french it's been 14 years since i learnt basic french!! but somehow my memory of spanish is even worse.

Evil Shannanigans said...

you are a damn good cookie!

I have mixed thoughts on Karma...I have seen too many assholes get away with shit. I know that the theory is they will get it in another life but I dunno...And bad things happen to good people far too often

I have seen my fair share of instant karma though. That is sweet.

zhen said...

oh yay oh yay the SHAN is BACK! long time no hear :P

I believe in Karma. I just think that sometimes when we don't get to see it come back to people their just desserts we can get demoralised.

I think the crap that happens to good people has everything to do with former lives...generational sin etc too...

but maybe that's just the only reasonable & acceptable way to understand the blatant unfairness that exists in this world.

Evil Shannanigans said...

agreed with the justifying the unfairness bit. I bet we could have a crazy email convo about karma. I went to a class about it was interesting. The guy explained it like a point system. I'll tell you about it one day