Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Digging a Hole to...

Gave my b'day twin my usual 12 hourly update. She responded that my daily life is like the following image:

hapless soul sitting in a cave slowly picking away with a pick-axe.

I agreed with the imagery immediately but added that in a couple of months a hole will finally be made and the light will shine through.

And a random thought- to add to my growing disturbance of how crazy the modern world is these days...making babies seems to be less and less an organic process rather than a very scientific one full of schedules, tables, graphs, charts, theories, tests and supplements. Not being able to make babies organically being on the rise seems very much one of Today's Diseases- our crappy lifestyles, crappy environment, diet...

But on a better note a lady on herbs I told offhand should be pregnant soon given my observation of ladies on chinese herbs...yup, in less than 1.5 months...preggers- wow that was quick! Good work, Herbies! :)

Now I will take my one oportunity to crash into bed before midnight after I do the laundry, wash the dishes, boil my herbs yada yada yada...exhaustion (but still enough energy to whinge and whine about it ;)

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