Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It was a Team Effort!

Yay, finally something nice to report for once...been such a dodgy student due to all external challenges and difficulties lately.

Have a presentation tomorrow...when classmates heard this arvo had not started and freaked out on my behalf, I got stressed.

But I also answered that I have complete and utter faith in my partner and I knew that we'd get it done cos she is a productivity and efficiency terminator- as opposed to me who is like a slug to get anything done whether I like it or not...if I hate it it's cos I hate it, if I like it it's cos I get so stuck into it I go into so much depth the ocean would swallow you 100x over.

So anyway just shy of 1am, our combined effort and DONE (we know each other well and work well together very complementary)... A PRETTY GOOD JOB too- I don't think anybody can tell it was a night before job! Yay, even enough time for some shut eye...fingers crossed X. Nights, Peeps.

1 comment:

HappyOrganist said...

Good work. Have fun with that ;)
best part of procrastinating.. pulling it off