Friday, May 28, 2010

Hello, Grandma!

Those are precisely the only two words I know in the language of my soon to be exotic host country. The irony being that they are no use since they are of no use for me to say to anybody but myself!

In any case it does invite peals of laughter just cos it is "so cute" when I do say it, so I guess at least some people out there are benefiting!

I really started to practically feel like a grandma from my interior and exterior lately...just cos predominantly mingling with people one, two or several generations younger inside and outside is starting to bring up some glaring "not with the times" deficiencies on my part...especially as pertains to technology! Lately my young friends have erupted in giggles when they observed me in complete ignoramus delight to find out what (left caret) 3, (hyphen hyphen right caret) and * (space) does! They really thought everyone knows these things and then I turn to them and you even remember a world without internet or mobile phones? You know TETRIS? Actually from MY generation(well actually that was when computer screens were black and green and it was a cheap free game called "NYET"). Daria? Yeah, MY generation too! REALLY!?!! They reply incredulously...well then what IS my generation? Those touchscreen technology "rhythm" games I reply...Pokemon? "rofl" "lol" "cya" and the age of nobody being able to spell whole worlds anymore?

So yes! Grandmas do know a thing or two TOO!

In any case I also noticed I derive a lot of comfort talking to older folks- sort of the minimum age where people start to make a bit more sense and I understand most without needing a go-between interpreter seems 40yo and up because I seemed to have been born at least one or two generations too late. So anyway I spoke to one of these older folks for the first time yesterday and he was truly truly surprised that I could talk to him about his interests and older: lawn bowls anyone? ;) since looking 10 years younger than I actually am he had assumed I was 2-3 generations behind him! It was quite fun actually- the shock surprise factor- I love demolishing people's preconceived ideas.

It's pretty easy to do actually when you suffer Generational Displacement and Lost in Confusion.

Anyway Grandma's had her once weekly manageable lie down & afternoon nap and Bob is On so maybe a sweet little old lady is back at least for the weekend, lol!!!

p.s My greatest achievement in joining modern society would definitely be the "Blog"...think I deserve at least a "merit" for being able to rant & verbal diarrhoea to myself all day and all night long through virtual means. It's also the longest I have ever applied myself to something that wasn't compulsory!


Evil Shannanigans said...

Friggin rights TETRIS! Best game ever...except that I used to play it so much that I would still see it when I closed my eyes.

Technology is overrated. Now excuse me while I go peruse the cheezeburger website

HappyOrganist said...

your joke is lost on me (whatever that cryptic text thing was. I even had cody help me. now he'll look awful for not figuring it out)

and WHERE on EARTH are you headed?! You can't tease me with this talk of languages and such and not explain!
guess we can figure it's not france, spain, most (all?) of south america or any anglophone country.
It's Finland, isn't it. I always wanted to go there..

well have fun ;P

zhen said...

good to know you guys are old timers too ;)

you'll find out soon enough- I'll send you a postcard!