Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Secret Oasis

To be honest, the past month has been so testing and challenging day in day out 24-7 on pretty well every conceivable front, I was ready to go dig a hole and lie in it!


A couple of days ago out of my usual routes I happened to come across a pretty little natural nook right near my hell-hole concrete jungle tucked away so hidden and out of everywhere barely anybody knows about it...

Today I finally had time to visit. Energetically I felt I needed to just go sit there. So I did....WOW. There is one huge big old conker tree- so old with branches reaching out in colourful autumn shade, to be honest I felt its presence to be like a very wisened, doting and protective grandfather- the safest and most comforted I've felt in a long time. I really felt a bit like a little pixy- nature fairy-druid? curled up in one of the nooks of this big Grandfather tree...

My Special Place :)

So anyway, I am smiling again...I'd been pestering the Universe feeling very much in need of a spiritual mentor, an old sage...envisioning perhaps a wise monk or person of clergy...however Mother Nature gave me this secret place to myself and a Big Wise Old Grandfather Tree.

Suddenly I feel like I can breathe a bit less laboured again and that I have a special place to escape to when life gets too rough :)

1 comment:

miruspeg said...

Macs, we all need a secret oasis and yours sounds devine.
Finding this place is an awesome and very often life changing experience.
May you find a sense of direction and guidance under this 'big wise old grandfather tree'.
Pegs xxx