Thursday, May 20, 2010

Testing One's Mettle

I had a really good almost vindicating dream alluding to life after a very challenging day- it was really good to come back to centre...basically I think these times are a good exercise in character development- all these challenges...there is great strength in cultivating and mastering the art of no reaction.

My bday twin is very comforting though- it is bizarre how on the same wavelength we are- it's almost like for example, we call each other up in the morning- decide to dress the same, come at the same time, bring the exact same drink etc, except that we don't! It is always fun everytime I see her to note what accidental similarities have occurred that day. What is that neat expression for "human clone" again?...doppelgänger! It is really quite uncanny, and thus very cool. Apart from that, surprisingly I am very grateful and appreciative of BOTH my Alma Maters recently-they've been retrospect.

Oh and also very grateful to G...who lended me a hand that saved me SO MUCH precious time...I love my (True) friends! :)

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