Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Embrace your Intuitive Ability.

Today I finally made peace with this and am very grateful. I realised being able to see through people's crap from the get go means that I don't have to go for joyrides down garden paths like some poor hapless souls seem to. It is especially useful to be able to "screen" like this at first meetings where people are always so keen to make good impressions this is often when half truths or false personas seem to come out a lot. This also narrows hugely the population I can be bothered investing in. It's a Glass Half Full for me personally at the end of the day though, I think.


HappyOrganist said...

etc, etc, etc. (should make longer comment boxes......)

HappyOrganist said...

you can be bothered investing in? what the blank does that mean? It probably doesn't mean anything negative - but it almost sounds that way.. now - does that mean "I can see x, y, or z about this person and I know it's not worth my time treating them or telling them what to change (blablabla) in their life to improve their condition?
or are we talking about something different.
not that it matters at all (sorry).. but you make me wonder sometimes.

As far as intuition goes - I'm all for it, though I try to push mine away sometimes ("shut up already - I want to make my own choice on this.") But sometimes when I don't want it - my intuit is there saying SOMETHING about what I should or shouldn't do (and dang it all - it's right so often.. drives me insane)

but you have fun with yours =/

I really want to know, too (I know you won't answer) about people trying to put on a good impression and telling half truths and so forth. You're probably right (and how funny it must be to see it from your position). That must be really funny.
And funny that you mention that exact thing b/c I am at this very minute (I'm not kidding) wondering how to get this crap off my hands b/c I don't want my new acupuncturist seeing that I have it at all. That's silly and vain and probably stupid. But I don't care. It's none of her business - and it's nothing that she won't be able to see through anyway (i.e. if my eczema doesn't happen to be flared up at the time - I think she would still be able to get the story said eczema would tell from my pulse,

Evil Shannanigans said...

me too. I am very thankful I am a good reader of people. I generally do not get sucked into the bullshit. It happens on the odd occasion and that just pisses me off