Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh wow, oh wow!

I was actually the RECIPIENT of TWO sort of Random Acts of Kindness today- yay yay! Such an unusual feeling!

It's amazing how much better and less drained I feel. Really though in two years of living in this city....I can't ever recall anyone ever doing anything nice FOR me!

It's just a whole lot of bad vibes which I seem to absorb like a sponge cleaning my environment....we so need many many more lightworkers and good people around here, it's just so dark and heavy and gloomy and negative and rank, the atmosphere.

In any case, my last few definite months of living in this city, my experience here is being carefully scrutinized, reflected on and analysed...cos the big decisions eg to emigrate or not...need to be made!

If only I could live in a nice & good people exclusive bubble where the sun is always shining and the sky is full of rainbows.


Franko Gnedo said...

Endless sunshine does not bring rainbows. You need clouds and rain to see the beauty of sunshine and rainbows.

zhen said...

Always enjoy hearing your wise old thoughts. I think I've had enough clouds and rain to be able to appreciate even the mini-est of rainbows and the tiniest of rays :)

You're right, endless sunshine just makes me sunburnt. I like the cloudy rain sometimes...curl up on the couch with a good book, dvd or sleep in! *sigh but alas, for the moment...a dream, a fantasy!

Franko Gnedo said...

Wise old thoughts :) Maybe here is another one about your bubble and sunshine and rainbows and nice good people. This Eutopia relies on a world external to yourself protected by only the skin of a bubble. Relying on the bubble skin to protect your Eutopia would be scary. That fear would not enable true happiness. Your Eutopia should come from the world inside you. Only you can break the skin of your internal world. Knowing this you will not be fearful and you could have true happiness. But your bubble world (you do seem to like bubbles) does sound fantastic and I would wish for the same.

zhen said...

oh no, HSPs (with scientifically proven? overly sensitive nervous systems)TOTALLY need the bubbles to protect their auras!!! Especially in energetic professions exposed to lots of sick and troubled people!!! That's DOUBLE THE TROUBLE!!! people with robust auras don't have this problem...lucky you! or maybe it's the nature...being in nature all the time is pretty well equivalent to a nice thick bubble- lucky you!!!!

ps i've already read all that internal theory is true to an extent but doesn't apply to extreme circumstances no sleep etc...people going berserk around you etc.

take away that kind of external and I think I suddenly see rainbows inside my casing!

Franko Gnedo said...

Yes I agree only true to an extent. We can not make ourselves immune to the ouside world and if we could and did we would not be really living.