Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Wanderings...

Got talking to my mate when it occurred to me his suggestion that I would soon be a dero vagrant was RIGHT. Yet I was surprised how differently the thought made me feel compared to a previous life....prior, the whole thought of being "of no fixed address" with no fixed schedule or plan might have made me totally anxiety ridden and insecure...these days it actually feels like the room I need to breathe...reassuring...a sense of at least some guaranteed personal freedom.

The other thing I found interesting which I noticed recently which was different is...perhaps my nerves are frazzled or my mind is too overloaded with not enough sleep but my memory these days is really quite shite!

I was walking early evening when it was quite dark when suddenly some random passing stranger interrupts my off the planet musings to say hello....not only that he calls me by name! Very impressive...Who are you Random Stranger I asked? Do I know you? (Yikes, how rude that must seem).

Then he explains how we met and recalls our exact specific conversation of the first and only time we met perhaps 1.5-2 years ago? (I'm not kidding). It was then that I remember "oh I have met you before! How on earth did you remember me and my name?!"

WOW. I used to have that great a memory. "Don't worry, I'll remember your name for next time"- I reassured him. Even if my memory is shite these days I rarely make the exact same mistake or overlook the exact same thing twice. Mistakes and failings...yep that's the best way to learn!

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HappyOrganist said...

Wow you must be really memorable.

I always (almost always) ask people who they are if they say hi like that (that they know who I am) but I don't remember or know them. It's fine - just tack an apology on the front or the back of it and smile a lot - maybe even squeeze their arm while you're talking to them. It's all good.