Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stress Paralysis

If it wasn't a medical condition already well here, I coin the term. This has been happening a lot to me the last few weeks but it seems to have reached crisis point. Basically I am paralysed into non action- all I have been doing, is coming to my blog to try and vent, lying in bed(escape) or eating chocolate. I completely drew a blank the other day in a test and my mind got paralysed...blank paper.

The worst part of all of this stress paralysis is that...the longer I dwell in non-action, the more dire and more reason to stress my situation gets! I really think I am just SO TIRED besides the stress I really feel incapable of doing - I think it is really state of being burnt out, like when my successful but healthy career driven journo friend worked really hard and intensely for days on end and then one day found she just could not move out of bed...and was cute enough to go to the doctor about it.

But people around me are all in the same boat, so I will try and derive inspiration by the examples they set. In this case, the mind has to rise above the body. In 2 hours I want THIS DONE. okay get to it...


HappyOrganist said...

I wish I lived near you. I'd come over and do your dishes and slap you (I've heard that's good for stress paralysis).
Short of that, however, I've naught to offer except maybe beer..
Don't knock it!


zhen said...

i recognised that...i went over to my one friend left here's house so that she could crack the whip on me...still i got little done but at least i feel less paralysed...we concluded it is true old age- less resilience to stress and definitely far less stamina and tolerance to put up with such continual crap!

too bad you don't live close. meanwhile looking like an allnighter for me since my partner went awol playing volleyball >< FRIGGIN HATE GROUP WORK just adds another dimension to stress!

Evil Shannanigans said...

I think I have permanent stress paralysis

For me, it is just being lazy and procrastinating

zhen said...

nah shan to qualify for stress paralysis you actually have to feel so bad you can't even do fun lazy stuff like watch dvds and play computer games all day-sometimes procrastiination and laziness REALLY is just that! ;)