Friday, August 21, 2009

The City is GROSS!

Skank galore and full of dirty flirty's absolutely friggin...disgusting!

Walking around by myself as a female...can be...just....blergh...

I think I'm still getting used to not having a buffer around...

So although I usually try to balance comfort dero-ness for some adult credibility today at least I felt the need to revert back to my cons and hoodies...with the messy high ponytail and sunnies I think I can pass for a tall 10 year old :) well maybe a teenager except that these days even really young girls dress so skanky and wear so much makeup....which is why I think in my get up I could look like a kid from a distance.

I think I'll be doing this a lot more often...until I escape to somewhere less skanky...

my friend said...if the city grosses me out so much, why don't I just go immerse myself in a church thanks!


Larns said...

lol @ church crowd hehe
Love Larns

Shannanigans said... crowd. I can't see you in a church dude.

I hear you about the city which is why where I live can be so great. We are a city located in the middle of nowhere. So I can literally walk from the city out into the Canadian wilderness. Pretty awesome.

Plus you would fit in here if you dress like a bum...everyone does

HappyOrganist said...

you are so funny. if you keep this up, you'll be Just like the 80 yr old I love to hang out with. she's so funny. (i'm sure you too are quite different, actually. but you both HATE the city. and it delights me to no end to hear of the 'horrors' of city life)
though, according to some, I Live IN the city (we don't. we're in a suburb. but still - that's not country enough for *some* people)
What you've got to realize is that people are great EVERYWHERE you go. Just .. uhmm.. Look deeper.
I'm sure it's there.
good luck ! ;)

and you can *try church if you like, but seriously, you'll find punks there, as well.

don't ask how I know

miruspeg said...

I love the city. I love Sydney.
I live just on the outskirts, about a seven minute drive.
You sound like you live in the heart of the city like Surry Hills.
Maybe its time to move.