Saturday, August 29, 2009

Introverts should stop hiding in their earphones...


my earphones busted yesterday and I haven't as yet replaced them cos I don't have any spares, I'm not sure which ones to get or whether it is time for a listending device upgrade...(with looming globetrotter-iness, I think not for the latter!

In any case it did occur to me that I do spend my entire outside existence plugged to my earphones....and that perhaps it is a bit of a barrier device to the outside any case, my suspicions were proven today when my neighbour across the hall was passing by and struck up a he did mention he hadn't spoken to me before cos everytime he sees me I'm plugged up to earphones!

In any case it was a rather pleasant exchange and I was very pleased when he complimented me on the "decent noises" coming out of my apartment *lol...

so now I know one to work on my aversion to completely random strangers...and associated automated anti-socialness.

A random aside, I've been doing crazy 18 hour very active bustly days in the pursuit of life balance...very sleep deprived and tired but I'm still managing to continue with them! I guess I should curb this soon before I crash...I think the fact I CAN do this means that maybe my health is improving :) But I'll have to give it a couple more months before I know for sure...I hope so, cos at the moment there are lots of doubts from those close to me that I will be able to make good on my global wanderlust.


HappyOrganist said...

good for you for talking to a neighbor. See how fun it is? keep it up. soon you'll be as cool as me.


(I am notorious for stopping people after they say hi, b/c they obviously know me, and asking them "do I know you?" which inevitably leads to a decent, friendly conversation)
That happened just last night. And now I know one neighbor a little better than I had before (she knew me already, namewise at least). That's one of the perks of being a ward organist, I guess. Everyone gets to hear your name each week in church. All these people know who I am and I don't know them. hehe


oh, and it might not be that. it might just be that other people are better w/ names than I am.

At any rate. I love asking that "do I know you?" or "where do I know you from?"
You could even use that line to meet someone who looks interesting.

oh, I was at the therapist office the other day. And there was this gal who looked a bit sad, and I was just dying to talk to her. It took me a few minutes of looking and looking away and glancing and Trying to think of Something I could say. And then when I spoke, I had to speak louder than I normally do, 'cause we weren't exactly sitting close to each other at all.
But it turned out very nicely. She was very nice - and I was so thrilled to be able to pass the time in some useful manner (visiting with this nice gal).

Ok. I'm done bragging.
carry on, Zhen. carry on ;)

mscherrylane said...

good on you for cheering the sad girl up :)

I think you are way more extroverted than me- I don't strike up conversations with random people- it's hard enough having to talk back to random people...I'm SHY!(social conditioning from never having to talk for myself as the baby of the family)