Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fire Hydrant Study

I was charged with photography on the weekend using super expensive lenses on someone else's similar body - Conclusion? Low level Canon DSLRs are SHITE especially at being able to autoread lighting, focus etc etc. Definitely their range of auto snappy cameras are so much better...especially in terms of focusing if you want things at different depths ALL in focus...

anyway here I am using a standard cheap 50mm with 1.8 aperture trying out all the focus points...this is about as good as it gets ever with my equipment...unfortunately :(

I am seriously thinking of selling this and trading in for a trusty prosumer...or better yet defecting to Nikon...I think for end of year trip I'll just take a snappy Nikon or buy a new battery for the old G3. This 450D is definitely not suitable for casual snaps you need to manually adjust everything and take the one shot several times cos results can be SO variable...and still! On many occasions...BLURRRRRRRRRRRRRR and very dismal, often washed out seeming shots unless you can be bothered to post-process. Basically the auto is crap. Blerghhhh.

Maybe I just had unrealistic expectations of a DSLR post using a non digital Canon SLR which always took good shots no matter what!


HappyOrganist said...

ahh, I know nothing about cameras. But you all make me quite jealous

HappyOrganist said...

a crap. i can't believe that probably went through (and shouldn't have). oh well.

[and in the event that it didn't, i'll repeat myself. I envy all of you and your fancy cameras.]