Thursday, August 27, 2009

Make sure to have a little fun along the way :)

The concept of "fiscal responsibility" was mentioned to me this week.

Boy am I familiar with this concept- if nothing else I have lived my entire supposedly "irresponsible" youth like that!

And what have I concluded?

You need compromised balance, and definitely to take advantage of opportunities for fun when they do arise. Because, really, youth doesn't necessarily guarantee a long existence, the only definite is the present.

Although I have faced my own mortality a few times, never more did the idea become more "real" than when I was confronted with an open casket of my partner at the time's classmate who just disappeared literally overnight in her sleep. THAT was a huge wakeup call! I think that's also when I realised how horrible it is to be an Empath...when the family went round to shake hands...her mother's grief just absolutely floored me...and it hung around intensely for months, really quite irrational for how distant the connection was...after that, I realise I'm definitely too sensitive to attend these things and should avoid unless absolutely necessary, especially such blatant energy least until I can better protect my own boundaries...

anyway that was just a random thought when I woke up today...I'm getting really busy now and need to be super productive to fit everything in(especially the conscientious attempt at life balance leisure/relaxation time aspect) so my posts will be more sporadic like this...

as an aside I got talking to an older lady and I asked one of my favourite questions: "how old do you think I am?"...she was very shrewd, rather than try and guess she just said "that's really difficult, with you it's very mixed". "Why?" I asked...she said "well you look so young but when I talk to you, you seem so much older"... haha ;) Maybe I should start wearing an explanatory t-shirt "I'm actually old". Isn't it bad how people always judge you from your exterior(I forgive you anyway it's only natural). My friend was telling me "You need to wear makeup" (if you want instant adult credibility)...

No thanks! My mother's trade secret to looking young(apart from the genes)...don't wear makeup when you're young so later on when you're really old, you won't look so old! LOL

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HappyOrganist said...

that's terrific that you get to avoid funerals.
I've only ever been to two. One was fine (gpa) the other sucked.
We had a few suicides in high school (people started asking what was in the water). I never attended those funerals, though. (would have, I suppose, if I'd known the people)

I felt my mortality first shortly after learning to drive. I've been a tense driver ever since (well i'm better now than I used to be. probably b/c I have new and more wonderful things to worry about nowadays). I was in a car accident early on (was not driving then - just a passenger) - and though nobody was hurt, it was really scary and woke me up to "driving (and other things) can really be dangerous"