Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taking Back One's Energy...

Lol I was amused recently when I saw my friend's new blog- there was a title and underneath it the subtitle read: "It's Me It's Me It's ALL ABOUT ME!"

This is cause she is a real giver and always ends up a slave to other people's needs. I wouldn't say I am that afflicted compared to her but I can definitely relate :P. I didn't really realise this until a third party- a kinesiologist told me the reason I get drained is cos I give out way too much energy to other people and don't save enough for in the interest of Self-Preservation I've been taking my energy back and not giving it out to all needy parties willy nilly...and Boy! the effect has been amazing-yes, suddenly I have so much more time and energy to actually enjoy life and get what I need to get done done! Very, very cool....sometimes I just wish I were born more selfish to start with to not have to have wasted so many years getting by without being able to exercise this key life skill!

In any case, apart from that the most amusing thing this week was bumping into a friend who said her little cousin had noticed me at a party and wanted to ask me friend was in complete disbelief and kept asking to clarify: "are you SERIOUS? do you know how much OLDER than you she is?" (lol, Grandma!)

"I don't care. Age doesn't matter." replied the wise boy ;)

In any case my friend decided to tell a BIG FAT LIE to discourage him since she just presumed I have no time of day for men under the age of 30(as a general rule yes that's true lol) she told him..."She's HIGH MAINTENANCE!" *LOL...How Rude!!!!! I never understand why women have such problems just telling cold, hard any case if she didn't decide on my behalf I think people -with a bit of guts- are quite impressive...maybe cos I am typically quite the chicken

In any case this scenario and that of having your ID checked is why typical young people especially asians are so compelled to dress up so much and wear so much makeup...cos otherwise people are so ignorant as to your real age and you get lots of young guys trying to hit on you...strangely enough in non city areas people are so much more sensible...nobody ever checks my ID - because there it is solely the youngsters who dress up and are plastered in heaps of makeup- where as here, since EVERYBODY is dressed up so much and plastered in makeup, then people like me, by default, end up getting mistaken for a little kid :P

I know I'll be very grateful for my youthful asian genes one day :-)

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HappyOrganist said...

:) how fun. very funny ;) good job on hoarding your energy