Friday, August 28, 2009

WELCOME BACK!!!!!!! penpal is ALIVE!!!! :-D D D

Every time one of my trusty penpals disappears unannounced for some time I immediately start to worry and think the worst...this time I was so RIGHT!!!

My mate in Italy disappeared around the time of the big Earthquake there. I immediately made the connection especially when I sent an email to check on him and got no reply. That was months and months ago. Somehow my intuition told me to check on him again...and WHADDYA KNOW! He recently woke from a COMA and has only been able to get back online and start to type this week!!!!


In any case I feel great joy and gratitude to The Universe that he gets the the gift of life again :)


Dina said...

That's awesome news!!!

HappyOrganist said...

holy cow. in a COMA ?!

My trusty friend (we write on and off.. right now it's apparently off.) - but the other day I emailed her and didn't hear back for several weeks. When I finally did hear back from her, she said she'd been in the hospital - sounds like she could have died from the weird infection she had.
Ever since then, I have not worried (that I've offended her) when I don't hear back from her. I just figure something must have come up.

nice to have trusty pen-pals..

I need some more, though.

what the heck? i got some awful word for the 'captcha' thing. that's awful (well it could be worse, actually. but still)

miruspeg said...

What a blessing for both of you.

Ahhh sometimes the Universe brings us great joy.


Shannanigans said...

Holy crap that's kind of an amazing story!

I of course, am your other absentee penpal :)