Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thank You, Angels!

wow, the last 24 hours have been...something else!

It started with yesterday afternoon, a man randomly came and knocked directly on my door and came and gave me money to park his car in my garage for a few money just walked right up to my door, no effort on my part, I didn't even need to give him a key or anything-he could have just parked it in there without even asking let alone paying and I wouldn't have noticed! I wouldn't have taken the money except what with my whole lost key fiasco and needing a camera lens, I thought I could definitely do with the extra cash...

Today, I was out and about and waiting for the locksmith to call me at 230pm as arranged resigning myself to the fact that 5.5 days later the keys were goner. Whaddya know?

Is this Blessed Synchronicity or WHAT?!! At that exact time when the locksmith was supposed to call, I got a call from a woman instead saying she had my keys!!!!

I couldn't believe my "luck"! And the surprising thing is, the locksmith never ever did end up calling! So not only did I avoid having to shell out for a locksmith, I also didn't have to purchase a new set of keys- wooohoooo!

Furthermore, when I went to ring on the old lady's doorbell she wasn't there, I encountered 3 different random old ladies walking around who smiled at me yet somehow I knew which lady had my keys and had no hesitation saying to one...are you the lady that has my keys?!

Bizarre, there is something definitely acting on an inexplicable level of consciousness for me lately!

Apart from that the other happiness or "achievement" for today is that I was able to smile for the first time at a random stranger! This "smiling business" has always been a sore point with me in the past....I just can't do it!

Usually if anybody in the city smiles it will be some dodgy random man so obviously I won't smile back. I've never been able to smile at someone off my own bat I finally smiled at a random stranger....a groundbreaking FIRST! (And I survived- not only that, it was actually quite pleasant!)

I realise the reason I don't smile at people is that nobody in the city inspires me to want to smile at them but today I saw this old white haired man with a wrinkled face but crisp shirt, belt and pants- reminded me of Gepetto in Pinocchio- carrying this HUGE black Nikon camera...obviously this was so cute it made me really smile and he smiled back with twinkly eyes like we shared some secret between the two of us ;)

So that was the last 24, in light of the last 2 days or so...I wonder what tomorrow brings?!!!

And p.s just for the record, the triple numbers just keep coming!


Shannanigans said...

Big things are happening in the world. Don't ask me what, it is just a feeling I have. Things are changing.
For the better, perhaps.

Ariad said...

What a cool day! I love it when things come together like that. Yay...another random smiler is born.

miruspeg said...

"A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment".
There you go Mackenzie you are living proof of this saying.
This post MADE me SMILE.