Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's all a Matter of Perception ;)

There's no doubt that I've always been "The Black Sheep" of the family....Hands Down.

With my unusual life experiences to date, even if it wasn't innately inherent, it was bound to happen anyway...LOL

The other day it came up again when I was detailing more future planned adventures to my mum...she interrupted with...

"Why do you have to do these things? Why are you so different to the rest...why can't you be more like the others? More...Normal?! "

When I was younger, sure things like things didn't make me feel too good...rejection from your own mother! *sheesh*

But some people are just conventional- they like to follow the crowd. That would be my mother. Any deviance from what everyone else is doing plants a seed of Fear in people like her. People like that need to loosen up and appreciate that everybody is different. How boring would the world be if everybody were the same? I appreciate that even in grass there are many shades of greens and yellows and blacks and reds, all different textures and smells, inhabited by different kinds of animals.

I am glad I've finally reached a stage where I can be comfortable to be Me...

And the way I see it is...

Why would I want to be just "Normal", when I can be "Special"? ;)

Cheers :)

p.s this is the funniest thing I have read in the news for a while!


Shannanigans said...

I appreciate your specialness and who wants to be normal anyway?

I have learned that life is not about making other people happy...It's about living your life, for yourself, on your terms. Embrace your weirdness! :)

mscherrylane said...

heeeey...let's get our terms right here!'s "SPECIAL" *lol

Dina said...

That news article is so cute!!! It's so sweet.

I agree.

Special is so much more exciting than normal.

Shannanigans said... are SPECIAL!

That always reminds me of the "special class" in school though. I prefer weird myself. Or unusual.