Saturday, January 3, 2009

And the fun never ends...

So, I was quite excited on my way to picking up my left behind baggie of clothes...and yes it was all there! :-D And I was still recovering from the sheer exhaustion sustained from New Year. So I wasn't being very attentive-daydreaming as usual- and I ended up leaving my keys in our common mail room door.

And in the interim before I realised, one of my scumbag city neighbours ended up PILFERING it! Or so it seems...

So, I had a fun time waiting outside my door until Dear Old Dad arrived with a spare. So anyway, all engagements this weekend had to be cancelled while I stay home to guard my house until I resolve the locks on my door and get a new security key which is going to be a protracted and expensive process...sigh.

Other than that, feeling especially lazy, can't be bothered entertaining my usual fervent blogaholism or uploading new pics. Spending the next few days cleaning, watching films and cooking some decent meals(I miss rice!)

...I need some quality hermit time to recover.

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