Monday, January 5, 2009

A Berry Indulgent Day

It's been so hot lately, I've been neglecting proper diet the past couple of days primarily surviving on my addiction to Red Rock's Honey Mustard Kettle Chips and fruit.

I'm pretty ashamed of myself actually for being so lazy and unhealthy. So today when I went grocery shopping I went all out at the greengrocer's...buying an assortment of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries as above. The little red ones are actually "blackcurrant grapes" I have never seen them and didn't know if they were actually fresh blackcurrants or not which is why I thought I'd get them to try- eh, in the end they just tasted like little red grapes but cost about 3X more!

I didn't get out of the grocer's unscathed of junk though...feeling in a food indulgent mood, I ended up spending $10 on 300g of chocolate which on retrospect is quite a bit for one's everyday eating! (Especially since I still have Cote D'or and Lindt sitting around untouched...) I guess I'm still "researching" European chocolate to find out which one I like best with a view to being able to buy and consume only small quantities of high quality chocolate in the future...

Here we have German Ritter with whole hazelnuts, Dutch Droste orange and Madagascan cocoa pastilles. The only normal one left I need to "research" is the Swedish Marabou.

I'm actually going to cook properly tonight to make amends for all the junk eating...I'm feeling like ASIAN food and RICE so this is what I'm toying with in my head...Clay Pot Rice with pork mince, snake beans, black bean sauce, ginger, Chinese wine, swiss brown mushrooms and maybe a few ground dried shrimp....Mmmmm sounds good to me!

On another note sure enough I had another "triple number" moment today...but in relation to someone else(by accident)...I really think being attuned to reiki must open some kind of "psychic door" to an alternate consciousness...this last year or so has just been way too interesting!


Dina said...

All that food sounds SO good.

What is a triple number thing?

Shannanigans said...

Leave out the pork and Im on board with supper tonight :)

I too need to detox off the junky food and start eating better. I am half way there. My breakfast was a banana and a hot chocolate. In my defence it is -24 out.