Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Postcard from...Home.

Home. So relaxing. Just finished my tai chi class and feel as loose as a jellyfish- doubting if I even have bones! A hot guy just yelled at another driver who failed to stop for me at a zebra's all about "community" law civilised ;)
The sign at the Hippie Shop today reads: "There are 3 ingredients to the good life...Learning, Earning and Yearning".
A cool breeze cuts through the balmy warmth just enough so it is comfortably pleasant and unsticky. I'm sitting under a canopy dining alfresco on some steaming wok-fresh thick-cut favourite!
In front, a father watches while his two young sons take turns divebombing off the jetty...
As the sun prepares to bed down for another night, pelicans bask on the lake soaking up its last rays, and I find myself dreaming of the day I'll be back...
This "adopted home town" is truly an inspiration- it is the one place I never fail to remember to Enjoy The Present. Cheers :)


Shannanigans said...

Pelicans! how we just have loud gulls eating garbage.

Everyone seems quite poetic these days. I like your fun descriptions of your day. I am off to buy an
80's outfit for a party on Friday. Should be fun and there will be pictures!

mscherrylane said...

LOL you so better not skimp on the pictures or the details! Have fun at the I am all partied out...Zzzz, Granny.