Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Australia Day!

The Year of the Ox came in for me amidst the sounds of great merriment and lively chatter as well as an overwhelming feeling of overtaxed bellies. My favourite new creation from the chefs was some exotic eggplant tasting gigantic flower deep fried in batter which were absolutely delicious!

I was really tired this year...I had to cheat to welcome in the new year by playing some cutesy PSP game Roku Loku(?) with lively animation and music to keep my brain awake so that my eyes could remain open...Yet more evidence that I am getting OLD :p

...oh, it also happens to be AUSTRALIA DAY today-Yay for a public holiday Long Weekend!!!

...Sorry I couldn't resist with the following:

To Exotic UnAustralian Friends in Faraway Places,

To Celebrate this Day, I am sending you each a virtual representation of what is this arguably this country's most invaluable contribution to the gastronomic world!!! *LoL

Cheers and... Enjoy Some *Black Gold* Today, Mateys! ;)


Dina said...

I was about to write "Happy Valentines Day"

My brain is confused. I think just SEEING Vegemite messes with my mind.

Anyway, Happy New Year, and happy Chinese New Year.

The food looks delicious.

markymark2099 said...

Yuck! (The vegemite I mean) of the food looks delish!

Shannanigans said...

What does Vegemite taste like? What is in it? Veggies? Mite?

Ernst said...

Ah there goes another good intention of a new year resolution of loosing weight ;) By the way I finished the 500 pieces puzzle. I've got a more difficult puzzle now.

mscherrylane said...

D, yes ever the romantic you are LOL- we venus in libras are hopeless...

M you are a shame to Australia!

S, Vegemite is salty and made of yeast!! It is a little like marmite I guess(but BETTER) And if you know how to eat it properly it is delicious and very is one of my hobbies converting time I find one of those sample sachets of it I'll send it over...I think sending a jar would be a bit too ambitious-you really have to "ease" into the is also good for you veggos cos it provides those B vitamins etc.

E, hey! I NEED more flesh but my metabolism is hyperactive. Too bad I guess I'll always be subject to stuffing my face for good health :)
500 pieces? I looked at my horse one- it is 1000(!) pieces...very difficult colouring too. I wish someone could just make it for me...

Shannanigans said...

ok but I dont know what marmite is either...

sounds deliscious I cant wait