Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Roots of Evil (a.k.a Stress) and Gratitude.

I was reading a publication from my old town- it had an article about what the 5 causes of stress were according to a Sage Patagali - these were:

1. Ego
2. Material/physical attachment
3. Spiritual Ignorance
4. Desire
5. Hatred

I don't know but I like when stress becomes so...concise! It just seems so tiny and manageable when you look at it at a definitive list of merely 5 things.

In any case, I'm not stressed in the least - I'm just a big fan of lists^^

So I felt like making a Gratitude List for today:
1. The ambient weather is very pleasant and enjoyable...cool but not cold, airy but not too breezy, air pollution levels low...I actually could sleep/rest yesterday...this is weather where I actually feel grateful because I can finally have a productive day- I can actually function^^!

2. There are no insects biting me and itch of the previous ones I can't feel.

3. FREEDOM. Or that I feel incredibly Free at least.

4. And of course how could I forget Angelic and Divine company :)

Anyhow I think the chaos which manifested in my house is finally gradually being resolved slowly but surely...I now have a reasonably clear living room, bathroom, desk and kitchen...just another 2/3s of the house left to organise...anyhow with the weather as agreeable as it is I'm feeling positive this week...and also feeling optimistic about getting some effective study done...

Why can't it be like this everyday?!


Caroline said...

So lovely to be grateful! I love your list (although, more details than a list, which is nice). Glad to hear you are not getting bitten by bugs :)

Shannanigans said...

Although there are just merely 5 things on the list, they are fairly big things

hard to avoid sometimes. Im not stressed either, just craving fatty foods since I am on my strict diet and excercise regime. I wish I could just let myself go

koala brains said...

Nice list. I'm writing it down where I can see it on a daily basis to remind me. When feeling stressed, I can break it down to these 5 and hopefully be able to minimize it. Thanks!