Thursday, January 8, 2009

Five-Toed Sloth In The City

Now that the non holiday season has kicked in, I find myself wondering what to do. I know I should be responsible and earn and save some money while I have spare time...yet while half-heartedly researching various employment alternatives, I find myself and my inner Hippie first and foremost called...drawn...lured back to The Land: back to basics, crisp mountain air, early mornings, yoga and plant foods only.

The city just does nothing for me except transform me into a five toed SLOTH....because I'm constantly tiiiiiired (think: energy totally sapped by electromagnetic radiation) and uninspired...I just don't feel like doing anything productive! I also don't appreciate the heat or muggy stickiness of Summer here which in this age of global warming is often annoyingly interspersed with wintry blasts of gusty chills or sudden downpours of heavy rain.

Maybe I just need to give myself a good smack and hold myself to Discipline but then I find myself justifying this particular rural stint with it being "value adding" to my future career prospects...What to do? What to do? argh. Isn't it nice to have the luxury of choice? For that I am truly grateful!!! Maybe I should just enjoy the luxury of not having to work for the relatively short time it is available...although this would mean not being able to travel, this is probably being more realistic as I would likely need to head straight into training with a mentor after I'm done with the studies.

I guess I can always go travelling overseas repeatedly in smaller trips when I've earnt some decent money and strengthened my physical constitution, rather than do the whole lengthy backpacker odyssey through umpteen countries which will no doubt be skimming the surface and very tiring....and plus the dollar looks like it will be very crappy for some time yet and I don't know how long I could last physically without decent sleep!

Sorry, just talking to myself.

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