Monday, January 19, 2009


LOL, I know I said I felt like a 60 year old stuck in a twenty something's body...but that doesn't mean I can't like...Dolls...right?!

My cousin has gone nuts about these dolls buying them all up for all the special women in her life...Ever the tomboy, I've never liked dolls in the slightest and hence I think the last one I received was probably when I was age 7!

These Kimmidolls however, are curiously...ingratiating :) This is the one I now have...LOL which I thought was nice timing considering how "Zen" I have become with age... I thought it was cool to reflect during a conversation I had with G about "uptight-ness" and to realise that is amazingly no longer me...^^

It was a great 3 day weekend...2 days of me time and one day of me&otherpeople time...just the right balance for once! Still my favourite part-as always- was sitting on the golden sand watching the sun set and the waves roll while eating dinner :)

There are several things I'm looking forward to in the coming week or so- first is that it's Chinese New Year this coming weekend and that just means feasting, feasting, feasting, oh and a brief trip out of the city :-D!!! The day before hanging with the girls, catching up on all the movies we never had time to see, more eating and general "girls stuff" (should be interesting??!).

I'm also looking forward to starting my Mandarin Classes and getting back into tai chi and yoga...And indulging the sweet tooth(I only just realised I know a head pastry chef at a really upmarket restaurant and typically, name dropping means everything in their business LOL!)

I'm also going to look into the feasibility of squeezing in a seaside camping trip before I let the shackles of my studies rebind me...oh & M yeah maybe we can do Friday arvo too...if it's crap and boring and we're still hungry, you can shout me dinner ;) and we can share our latest crazy travel stories!!


Elsie said...

Ooh...your cousin gave me one as well :)

When am I going to see you *sigh*

I'm probably going to get braces...

Shannanigans said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Eat lots for me, as I am back on my healthy organic all natural BORING diet.
No chocolate or doritos here :(

For some reason dolls always creeped me out. The little girl facimilies always have spooky eyes. I am also afraid of clowns. There is some insight into my mind :)

mscherrylane said...

Shan, SUCH A SHAME you're not here as 80% of the feast will be Vegetarian(my cousin has been one longer than you and hence their family has mastered the art of Veggo cooking!)

I'm glad you told me dolls creep you out cos I was tempted to send you one...actually dolls creep me out too- but more so the porcelain old fashioned ones that look like little girls...I stayed in an old fashioned cottage once with all that kind of stuff and I was so spooked out my ex had to stay in the same room with me at all times! yes and clowns are freaky too- wonder what the correct term for this kind of fear is- know lots of people like this!

Shannanigans said...

Coulrophobia= Fear of clowns

pediophobia= Fear of dolls or children