Friday, January 16, 2009

Understanding and Alienation

Sometimes I am grateful for the premature wisdom I have received. Sometimes I resent having had these life experiences.

Above all though, it makes it very hard to relate to people my own age.

There are so many things that cannot be explained, they must be understood. Yet you can't just tell that to the hot headed arrogance of youth- they need to learn for themselves. As parents you want to prevent your kids from making the same mistakes as you and to profit from the wisdom you have gained through your life experiences. However of course we don't listen, we want to learn for ourselves and probably what we learn the hard way is a better way to learn anyway.

I am feeling very old, very zen, very meditative lately- like an old grandma with the wrinkles of time under her eyes staring into the far distance.

Which is probably why I am so at ease with older people and even the truly elderly- there is just that understanding which I can't find with people who look like me. I am like a 60 year old stuck in the guise of a twenty something year old. It is kind of frustrating.


markymark2099 said...

I'm a 12 year old stuck in an older body. I get excited over Kettle Chips :)

Shannanigans said...

It will only get worse the older you get. I felt like that at 17 so I can only imagine how bad it will be at 70

mscherrylane said...

M...I love kids!! :)

But yeah, we old fogeys get more excited over Red Rock's honey & dijon mustard chips ;) Go check them out!!

Shan, I think it'll be cool at 70 cos everybody else would have caught up a bit more right! yeah I've felt like that since 16 when fate decided to age me...actually a guy on my trip was teasing me about getting together with a 20 year older man and you know what I said? I said "ew no they look too old and cruddy! LOL...I swear I am getting more superficial with age, before I never even used to "see" people's would be nice to find a mental connection with more people who haven't got obvious wrinkles or look like my adoptive father or Worse(!)