Thursday, September 8, 2011


lol apparently this is a TV show my friends would tune into. That not being encouragement enough, lucky for me and the TV companies I have so few friends still left in this country :p that it doesn't warrant decent ratings. If I was extroverted and liked attention and didn't care for privacy I probably would go on else do wannabe cowgirl farmgirl city slickers meet all those cool people that FARM and live on FARMS?? :P

I'm just curious though...cos they say your friends and family know you best...and HO this primarily is directed at you...if you were to choose me a farmer which one would you pick?!

I'm still trying to acquire an appropriate countrygirl hat btw ;) - tis proving very hard to obtain now that I am not in rural farm country...hopefully I get it by the time my farmer friend comes to town! I think it will be pretty funny walking through the city with a bonafide farmer and wearing cowboy hats...and didn't I say I hate attention? lol....actually, there is a big difference between blatant subversion and pure attention-seeking. Obviously I love Sydney city and it's Sydney-esque inhabitants too much... :-p


HappyOrganist said...

You know I don't watch these shows, right? I don't mean 'cause they're in Australia - I mean I don't watch those shows.
But for you, dear, I would select the 58 yr old. :)

Did I win anything? ^^


You and Cody sound like you're on the same page (somewhat) re: attention-seeking. The only reason I'd think you two were different at all is that a) you have a blog that people frequent. He also has a blog, but nobody ever sees it (nobody).

I would never go on one of those shows. But if you ever go on one, you lemme know and I'll vote for you.
or the 58 yr old at any rate...

Zz... said...

that would be fine...except his name is JOHN. lol yes i'm a GIrrrrRL, lol