Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So this is my problem...

there are very few things I can COMMIT to and persist with...furthermore there are very few things that I find COMPELLING enough to INTEREST me!

LOL, does that sound like a spoilt brat? hahaha I guess that is what happens when you have always grown up so mentally stimulated and had a rather interesting existence...full of strange and interesting random

So anyway...YESTERDAY...completely unexpected I spent near 3 hours chatting to a FIFTY-NINE year old. LOL it's great when I do find that rare affinity and resonance but SHEESH is it starting to frustrate me that I can't find a mental connection with anybody in my own geography that isn't wrinkly with white hair's like can't there be ANYONE within 10 years of me in reasonable geographical proximity that I want to know and don't find incredibly boring/immature/trivial or dumb?

I'm just wondering when I should start getting the CATS!...LOL But I still need a BOWLO buddy...hmmm maybe I just have to start being a lurking stalker and hang out at one and somehow stealthily infiltrate myself into a game with random strangers...oh something I got told by different people recently...apparently I "brush n blow" people off! LOL seriously, I never noticed...I'm an INTJ- 100% of the time I'm focused on the purpose or event not the social interaction purely to connect with another person for no apparent reason! LOL

On the whole though I am having quite a bit of fun-as usual partaking in things where I am energy scattering all over the place cos I always have so very many interests and always let myself be pulled in so many directions...I feel like a planetary star!

I am REALLY appreciating the warm weather though...suddenly I'm feeling way more energised etc and have really enjoyed stuffing my face silly the past few days with all the good food that can be found in big cities.

On another note I have also been AMAZED at how similar my birthday twin and I are and how similar or at least coincidental our daily lives seem to's like we are two separate entities but living parallel lives sharing the same experiences in the is quite mindboggling how similar our experiences are down to the timing of events, the NAMES of the people we meet and how we interact with them on a daily basis, our health issues etc etc...seriously sometimes (apart from age) I REALLY feel like my birthday twin is like maybe a small piece of me that fell off and regenerated into a total being many years later...even she says she sees her future in me! What a scary

Anyway...found this bag that I was carrying around all yesterday kind of amusing...I mean I don't think I ever saw a a plastic carry bag more appropriate to me! hahahahah ;)


JJ Beazley said...

Ah, Zhen. There are those see wrinkles, and there are those who see experience.

The first paragraph could pretty well be said of me, too. The only thing I seem able to commit to is the continuing search.

I'd be interested to see you in action, brushing and blowing people off.

HappyOrganist said...

Well the twin thing is totally exciting. Reminds me of someone I know.
Not sure about the bag.. =PP

Zz... said...

JJ you don't need wrinkles and white hair to be experienced, lol!

I don't think the brush n' blow is an obvious thing-I'm too nice to be like that :) It's more just what people who observe and speak to me regularly & quite closely notice.

HO...TOTALLY exciting! I found another one- a male. Somehow it doesn't work the same with males...I need more girl b;'day tally to date is 2 males, 1 female i know and 2 females if you include delta goodrem, lol.

the bag is good, it's uncompromising ;)