Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why I think Farmers are Cool

One of my dude friends kept calling me the name of his long lost friend...cos apparently she was "obsessed" with farmers too.

I'm NOT "obsessed" :P rather I just appreciate them...they are a group of csociety I respect and admire just with how in touch with the land they are when everyone else is so disconnected and how they can live off the land...and if the world descends into chaos they will still know how to and be able to survive, as would the aborigines before the colonial lifestyle stole and corrupted their traditional ways. I guess these kinds of groups are the ultimate "jack of all trades" in terms of knowledge, ability and skill especially if the world is restored to how it was meant to be...

I guess I really idealise "The Natural World" because I feel the more and more years I see the more and more it is like a long lost fantasy-like dream.

Apart from that I have fallen prey to a BRIBE. Apparently if I want to eat the most delicious Belgian truffles the likes of us Kangaroos get to witness locally I have to pay for it with a kiss! about EXPLOITATION. In any case where bonafide flown in from Belgian fresh chocolate truffles are concerned, I'm cheap and easy ;) But only cos it's Toyboy, who may as well be family....

I really hope that the hungry hoards have left me some by the time I get to go...they can all slurp the Veuve...Champagne is soooo overrated, in my opinion.


HappyOrganist said...

You ARE obsessed. You are so obsessed it's not even funny.
I want to see the Smurf movie, too. You tell me how it is. I was waiting for it to come out on DVD..
not sure what to say about the truffles. It's just chocolate right? hahahaha I know I know - it's not just chocolate, but I'll be darned if I know what they really are.

okay - I have to send sick kids to school. I don't know what I did wrong as a parent that my daughter WANTS to go to school even when she's sick. (only a small virus which would have spread anyway 'cause I can't keep them home for more than one day on that anyhow - but still, it pains me).

Take care,
- H.O.

Zz... said...

quite a few handmade chocolate truffles later....(hehe) neh admiring farmers is justified...apart from farmers modern society is soooo disconnected from the earth and has no respect for it :p

So it's not really an obsession...I admit to one with Germans though and that is pretty weird!!!

I'm doing some exciting experiments- I might share with you if they turn out favourably, lol...

Danica said...

I think you've got it right when you say "Farmers are Cool" - that's the exact name of my clothing business celebrating farmers. Farmers do so much for our world, right?
They do have so many skills that I admire and I hope more people realize they can be every day heroes by providing food for the community.
Have a nice day.

Danica said...

You have it right when you said "Farmers are Cool!" I'm glad you think so - that is the name I picked out for my organic apparel line celebrating farmers. They are every day heroes by providing food for the community. And I know it's hard work to be a farmer - not a 9 to 5 job at all. It's a lot strenuous activity, planning, organization, stress, and WEATHER!
Have a great day and thanks for writing about your affinity for farmers.

Zz... said...

How intriguing thanks for commenting Danica! Next time I get accused of overappreciating farmers I will redirect them to your site and say "no I'm not...I didn't bother to start a CLOTHING line about them!! ;)