Saturday, September 10, 2011

Psychological Curiosities and Social Experiments

I a very curious girl I have always been drawn to exploring all that is different. So I realised in my time I have mingled with a vast many different types of people perhaps just to understand the broader human condition outside my own the extent that my sister has on more than one occasion reproached me for "why are you always associating with BUMS?" lol!!!

I guess I wanted to distance myself from what I thought was snooty conservatism on the family front.

SO ANYWAY...yesterday after the in depth chat with old girl friend...LIGHTBULB!!!

She was quizzing me on my new geography and my *stellar abilities* to get on with anybody bar very old wrinkly white haired men in this entire country...and then my recessed conscious mind blurted it out in one sentence..."Well I can't find people I respect and admire!" As simple as that. And then it occurred to me that maybe my sister had been on to something since all those I ponder through the list of all the failed associations I have ever gone looks like this...

*people who are high school and uni dropouts * people who come from uneducated families *people who come from disadvantaged areas *people who come from broken &troubled families and grew up with no parenting and hence perhaps no values/ethics instilled from young * people who have been involved with violence crime and drugs (and even had guns held to their head) *people whose parents can't even speak English *people who are monocultured *people who are depressed and have low self esteem

And then it hit me...MAYBE just for once in my life I need to associate with people who have a little bit more OVERLAP in their upbringing/character to me?? And maybe THAT might make it just a little easier to RELATE to other people in this country...

I wonder if there are any stats on this re interpersonal compatibility? Maybe research for another day! Anycase amazingly it is not even 7am and after a horribly wet and cold rainy day God has answered my prayer for a beautiful sunny day for the outdoor event that I'm scheduled to attend! Yay :D!

So may I end this with "Gratitude and Blessings...pass it along!"



HappyOrganist said...

How do you have all this energy to blog and I can hardly keep my head up ?!

JJ Beazley said...

I wonder whether your 'overlap' theory would work, because I wonder whether your proclivity for subversion includes the need to reject your roots. Mine does.

Zz... said...

HO...the secret is to get kid of the munchkins and C ;) ;)

JJ you are too clever, feel a gut aversion frequently...but definitely warrants investigation cos the other end of the spectrum is associated with even more aversion with the wisdom that comes from I think the happiest safest medium is holing up most of the time and peeping one's head out sporadically ;)