Friday, September 9, 2011

It's True!!!

It's true!

Since I came into the family all I have noticed is how arrogant, mean, closed-minded and what utter DHs many other people are...particularly atheists! To me atheist is almost synonymous with "only aware of self, therefore selfish". Of course that's a generalisation and not a fact...Thank God! lol


HappyOrganist said...

whoa, no WONDER I am so nice. And now I know the reason ^^


you're a punk.
oh wait - that weren't nice.

Hey.. uh, btw, re: John. That is a good, Christian name. You should like it =P

Zz... said...

Haha, my bday twin and I were discussing that actually...we haven't come to a consensus on male names from the bible where the people we have met actually suit us, lol

I think maybe Pauls or Nathans have been good for me...but I think she hasn't met any so we are at a loss, lol.

HappyOrganist said...

I had a non-traditional crush on a Nathan once. Almost got me into trouble at graduation time (helping too much with his senior English paper. hehe). English teacher came up and asked me later "did you help N write his paper?" How did she know? All I did was turn his gibberish into complete sentences. And my writing style showed through, somehow. Teachers are so smart.


My baby boy's middle name is Nathaniel. So Nathan is DEFINITELY a possibility.

Evil Shannanigans said...

Hey no fair.. I am an atheist!

You just aren't meeting the right ones

Zz... said...

HO, very familiar that experience, lol yes I admit to being a but of a Smart Ass Nerd Kid...still am ;) And I like how it gets shortened to Nate...that is more a North American thing though I think.

Shan, lol yeah I thought SPECIFICALLY of you when I added the clarifying that it was not a "fact" hehe ;)
But then I rationalised you have also always been from a country bumpkin town and maybe all people from Thunder Bay therefore qualify as very thoughtful and considerate relative to the average zillion sized metropolitan city...but yeah "not meeting the right ones" is about right...I'm just about to post on that! lol