Saturday, September 3, 2011

This is what you call..."Garden Fresh!" ;)

Okay so I could have titled the post..."Lessons for the Novice Gardener in Growing Edible Plants" however I prefer the positive spin, lol, especially when it's also true! ^^

So yeah it's not obvious from the pic but the big lesson I learnt in growing carrots which are rated as "easy"...well they HATE HATE fertile soil...too much chicken manure makes the carrots go all twisty and forked and sprouts heaps of tops and not enough root...well I think that's what it was... Carrots like sandy crap well drained soil...and you need to water them deeply once a week for the roots to grow straight rather than have downpours of frequent rain for them to sog themselves in...

So anyway I had way too many seedlings and things growing out of control and not enough space so I had to choose some things to harvest even if they aren't mature...So today I picked/cut the baby carrots, baby radishes, spring onion, garlic tops, some english spinach and some dill...all of these grown organically by the way no sprays no NADA...just lots of sun and fresh air, good conversations and loooove :D

Apart from that I am amused that I am so desperate to bowl but so friendless here my next bowlo opportunities are set with people who have to fly in from remote continents! And before you suggest I try writing an AD for bowlo buddies....been there TRIED that! Zero replies, lol...if I get desperate enough I reckon I'll have to hurl it on a dating site...and borrow a hot studio pic of one of my friends to accompany it...might have better luck, lol...the things I'm willing to do for the things I love to


HappyOrganist said...

I don't think I'd worry about twirly carrots. But you can if you like ;)

My tomato plants, on the other hand, I've given up on. I'll try again next year, I suppose. I'll also try spraying my apples next year (sorry - I can't do organic. But I can use Miracle Gro!)

Anonymous said...

Every time that I came to your blog, I amazed because all new vocabulary I have read. Also because it's a challenge to read you. Well, back to your post, I didn't know that you have are an Novice Gardener! Also I astonished that you have a garden.
However I didn't get the last paragraph. Whit to bowl you mean to throw? Moreover, what you mean when you said bowlo buddies?

Yours, X.

JJ Beazley said...

Can't grow carrots. As soon as the seedlings appear, something eats them. Having excluded slugs, birds and rodents from the list of suspects, I'm left with ants.

Zz... said...

Hehe HO I'm so sure it would so make your day if I have you a twirly forked just picked carrot...yes novelty factor ;)

Just buy the tomato food grow stuff...tomatoes need heaps of sun, warmth, watering and compost! I have them in hanging upside down bags :)

Zx...yes I am astonished I have a garden too, lol- my whole life is COMPLETELY different/ is yours (it's the age I guess, lol)

bowlo buddies=lawnbowling buddies, lol...i love lawnbowling- i don't mean tenpin bowling...I mean the things retired old people's fun you should try it! :)

JJ, what kind of daddy ARE YOU...seedlings are BABIES-they need care and nurturing and protection!!! cut some plastic bottle parts and cover them-insulation for germination and protection...try elevated pots too...after I work out how to grow normal looking tasty carrots I'm gnt to try those exotic ancient purple ones...the superfood ones...I'll post a pic when I achived that!!!

Zz... said...

P.S Can I share a secret...the ONLY big flop in my garden has been the sprouted too quick probably fertilizer filled mint seedling that was NOT ORGANIC (and got overridden with BUGS)...all the seeds and plants that were organic I bought have been surprisingly hardy and successful...there is something proper about sticking with normal growing times...etc