Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sydney: Making peace with "The Big Smoke"

Okay so you've all heard how I detest cities in general particularly the one I'm most familiar with...

But I have to say I'm starting to make peace with's all about perspective...seen 4 really good friends the past fortnight and so the city has become synonymus with lazing at the beach, catching up with good friends and STUFFING FACE with much better food than can be seen the in my not so bumpkin but still bumpkin town ^^. Ouch my belly seriously hurts from STREEETCH...lemme see...did a big organic beef burger and fries, a double gelato, an apple, a grass jelly premium pearl milk tea with taro pearls and plenty of water.

Enjoyed no cost beauty therapy...experiments with exfoliation of "chicken skin" with sand and surf with my b'day twin since we both suffer the problem. It was funny perving on all the beautiful (and not so beautiful bods on the beach-actually more this) LOL, it's okay to be completely open and honest admitting to shallowness and superficiality when you're amongst old good friends that are your serious's pretty funny actually cos we agree about's like all the fun and convenience of a real twin without having someone to cramp your space or steal your look! LOL

Happy I just need to wait for the next season of foreign visitations!


Franko Gnedo said...

I think you should experince life outside of Australia. Even just a holiday. You can understand where you are much better when you know more about where you are not. Sounds like PooH Bear I hope you understand.

Franko Gnedo said...

The word verification on that post was Sydrug.


Zz... said...

FG, EXACTAMUNDO. Had a FINAL dummy spit having had it with being subjected solely to Neanderthals and no Euros for 5 months now...figure i need to GET OUT just to MAKE SURE the grass is not greener on the other side...and plus I owe quite a few exotic foreigners a visit ;)

Pooh Bear is the bomb :)

yeah tell you what Syd is not my drug of choice, lol...what a depressant! (when my friends aren't there anyway)

p.s glad to see you back. you have long periods in your mancave you do, lol