Friday, October 15, 2010

The Little Prince

Mata Hari, you understood me best when you said I am the Little Prince.

On my lone asteroid, my heart-filled happiness springs from one red flower and a pet sheep of my own creation...occasional light hearted chuckles inspired by quirky offbeat things like funny looking lantern bearers.

There are few other visitors or inhabitants, the nearest many lights years of constellation away.

I find myself The Little Prince, always at a distance from the real world. The decrepitude of modern society insults my incredibly child-like idealism where I want to know a world full of rainbows and sunshine, pots of gold and angels with fluffy white wings and unattainable perfection. Instead I find myself looking around desperately for some noise-insulating earmuffs to accessorise the dark shades that often happily shelter my eyes. I guess it is like how some adults choose not to watch the news or read the papers. Perhaps it was borne of watching a minimum three news bulletins a day from as young as I can remember.

No wonder I spend so much time immersed in music, with nature, and feel this urgent spiritual hunger. And no wonder I must be the Hermit and limit my interactions with others since this is that which guaranteed, constantly loves to uproot my sense of peace.


HappyOrganist said...

you still watch the news? No wonder you feel drained.

Oh - did you hear, though (and maybe this is old, but I only heard of it just today) about the trapped Chilean miners getting out finally? wow. Now THAT's some news. I need to see more of that on the news.

Franko Gnedo said...

Your astroid world is beautiful and safe and comforting to know you can visit anytime. I hope you can also know that in your safe hands your child world can exist in no happier place than where you are right now :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zhen,

I wasn't a real comic collector; however when I saw Ghost World film for the first I enjoyed so much, so yesterday after some searching I've known that the film was based on comic, so I found a link in where you can download the complete comic, if you want here it is:

By the way, I've added "My blog list" section to my blog, so you must be so proud :P, because you are the one that I really follow.

As always it is a pleasure to have some contact with you and you always surprise me with your sophisticated English, I actually need a dictionary to understand you, one thing that I love to decrypt that language at B612 :P.

My cheers to you...