Friday, October 15, 2010

Are churchgoers more wholesome?

Probably not, but even as a Façade it’d be comforting right now. As an HSP(Highly Sensitive Person) I get traumatized REALLY easily and one thing that can do it in a really extreme way is to give me TMI(Too Much Information) about the seedier side of life.

I am much happier to shelter in an ignorant little bubble of puritan bliss!

My good mate once told me “stick to your own kind”(e.g INTJs) sometimes it really is your best friends that know what’s best for you. So anyway I will toodooloo for a bit cos I think I really need some intense “cleansing” alone time(!)

I think you will understand us best when I describe what my b’day twin does re overly sensitizing information- she covers her ears with her hands! That’s a typical HSP self preservation tactic. I just wish I had employed it a bit earlier today :P …I must be getting old because I think I heard ENOUGH of all those things I don’t want to know about…

Boohoo, yet another night of difficult to come by sleep :(

H.O, I know what you’re going to say: Move to Utah! Let me tell you an entire hemisphere and social and cultural change could well be what I need most right now!!!


HappyOrganist said...

I was just going to say 'yeah' =P

Anonymous said...

Hello Cheeks cool blog :)


Evil Shannanigans said...

Im going to say no

OR that it depends on the person.