Friday, October 29, 2010

Four more days...and a Black Hole.

So I'm excitedly anticipating...*freedom* in four days from yet another highly restrictive diet...this week it was like "do you want to come out for dinner?" "No, I can't eat out". "Can I buy you ice cream?" "No, I can't eat it". Sheesh, say that too many times and it's gotta be mildly depressing!

Whatever the case, it's been so restrictive, it's got me chained to home (since I need to eat every few hours)...and it prevented me from doing a nice rural escape :P

But anyway I was cheered slightly to be relieved of the Black Hole I feel at being so isolated from the world, especially with 90% of my friends overseas. And I was ESPECIALLY relieved to catch up with my long lost B'day Twin who has also been also cut off from the world with no access to internet. I was pretty shitty this week that nobody seems to understand me, so yes it was a good thing I finally got to talk to her!!! And laugh my head off HAHA...strangely, we seem to live parallel lives...if one of us is having some drama or trauma about something, the other also will be, just the circumstances will be interestingly different!

Apart from that if you have an eagle eye maybe you noticed I edited my ZOE means "soul is in union with God". I think it's about time I got a Christian name and although it's cute it's definitely not as kid cutesy as the one many people currently know me by! :P

I like to add this Zoe to my Zhen cos then for short it becomes "Zee"(yes I'll be American for this purpose) or Zz...and HEY who is better at spending all their time sleeping than moi?? Hehe.


JJ Beazley said...

Why the diet? Fast or health issue? Or should I mind my own business?

zoezhen said...


Anonymous said...

Zoe means "life" in Greek, also.

Evil Shannanigans said...

ZED! Embrace the Canadian within!