Thursday, October 7, 2010

a.k.a "Life Saver"

This post could also affectionately be known as "this stuff is DA BOMB!" (LOL)

So anyway not a paid PLUG by any means...I'm just saying if it weren't for this stuff...the last few months would have been incredibly difficult without!!!

In the olden days -like my folks time- when there was any kind of "ouch"- out would come this incredibly aromatic and sting-if-you-get near-your-eyes "white oil" is INCREDIBLY POTENT and amazing stuff. Put it anywhere you got an ouch(not open tissue) of course and it can go incredibly internal...for instance, yesterday I was feeling quite a bit of which I thought warranted taking two common western pain reliever pills....ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT (not naming names). After 2 hours and still no relief and not from other means e.g hot pack etc...I got out the white oil...except was in too much pain to actuallly bother lathering it on- all in all I probably used about 5 drops...wowee....this stuff is DA BOMB!

When it calls itself an "Analgesic Balm" it is by NO MEANS calling bluff! Next time I don't even bother reaching for the pills...go straight for the oil like I usually do!!! And the best part is you can get a small tiny bottle that fits conveniently in your purse too...not only amazing pick up for migraines or general sleep deprivation in your working day but also a great air freshener when the environment around you stinks and smells like puke(not that this happens to me often, but it did once).

Okay that's enough free advertising, LOL. Have a good day :)

p.s HO since you decided to fall off the blogging planet you can be sure I will be LATHERING up on this amazing oil for PAIN RELIEF!!! :-p O.K, I was just kidding, but do keep in touch like you usually do ;) The more miniature donkey photos, the happier you will keep me, haha.


HappyOrganist said...

Sweet! If I see anymore donkeys...

Hey - take a lot of that stuff and put it on your forehead. That should help.
it Sounds great! It's just the kind of thing I'd go out and buy (since you endorsed it)
my my

and I got some new stationary. but again, just a dollar. it's cute, though. You'd probably like it.

Do you want me to send you some of my favorite perfume (oil) from France? I mean I'd just dump some on a letter and send it to you (just for the hel-I mean heck of it). Really, actually I was thinking of creative (yet cost efficient) things I could share in the mail, and my favorite oil came to mind (as far as perfumes go).
I'll send you some anyway so you can smell it. It's marvelous.
and now that I'm on that topic, if I HAD some of it, I would also share this other oil that my current acupuncturist uses. some essential oil blend, I believe. but it's wonderful.

[thank GOD for copy/paste! I almost lost this whole thing. let it be a lesson to you - always copy stuff as you go, a la ctrl-c once you are almost done typing. JUST in case!]

Anonymous said...

Stronger that a.k.a "Life Saver"... I discover the THIRD BROTHER...

My name is Hari, Mata Hari…
Some days ago, I met one of the most intriguing girl I had never seen before. Her name is …heu… guess it ! I pass a couple of hours in her company and it was a moment full of grace ;-)… It's really a good time for me to introduce her in a few lines now. At the moment of starting writing these lines, I feel the soreness because I know I saw her on 29 September for the first and last time.
A priori , there was no indication that such a sensibility was staying in this “petite madame” snuggle into a comfortable couch of a jazz club. Quite the contrary ... at first, the girl I had an appointment with was rather very serious, cold and somewhat distant. It was in that indifference that we exchanged a few polite words first ^^.
My first impression was completely wrong. Phew! but I suspected ;-)
That Girl You Have to Guess the Name appears in fine to be an extremely intriguing person. But why ? today is what I'm still guessing ...
After spending many hours rethink it, I am able now to identify her as the THIRD BROTHER.
Yeah...definitively...She is the brother whose Murakami does not speak about in his work but that St Exupery revealed the existence ... She was the little princess who must live and find happiness in the world, being tired of having been, as Hashi and Kiku, tortured in the past. What moves me is her internal conflict that radiates from every tiny expressions on her face, her movements and words.
I did approach the fire that burns in her middle and it left me a scar. But ultimately, is it a scar or a memory which gives substance to life ?.... probably as Zhen says on her blog: Everything happens because there is a reason. I like Zhen’s idea and would propose to complete it by “…whatever the size of that reason" hi hi…
...and what than... that girl has been my "one night" a.k.a "Life Saver" ...

Hari ;-)