Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bridging the Gap.

Probably the first God-Given connection I recall being given was back in 1999-at that point at best I was an agnostic interested in all religions from an intellectual and cultural curiosity point of view, just wanting to know as much as possible and engaging in all sorts of explorations accordingly.

To me, God was like some mystical higher power that may or may not exist(but was nice if it did)...and he or she manifested as all different deities depending on country and culture. Ultimately it was all about a wisdom and a doing of good- that was all that mattered.

Today I got back in touch with that 1999 connection and told her how I finally have the 100% convicted faith. She was so's been a loooooong road!! In any case, now that I crossed to the other bank, I realise what a huge journey and what a huge challenge it is for people to bridge that gap. No wonder we believers spend so much time praying, lol...and why non-believers often think we're totally off our nut...once you have faith, it really is a whole separate form of existence!

Anyway, I LIKE it :)


HappyOrganist said...

You managed to render me speechless.
I'm really at a loss. But that sounds fun. So I'm wondering what's special about 1999. What was that epiphany? (or I guess what I'm more interested in was what was the catalyst for it?)

You know where I was in '99? I was going to University, looking forward to being pregnant someday - but that weren't for 2 more years..

JJ Beazley said...

Interestingly, my most difficult road was to find the courage to listen to my ‘still, small voice’ and stop believing in an individualised, transcendent God. It took me thirty years.

And I’m particularly interested in the second paragraph. If you no longer believe that, do you now believe that God favours, and/or is accessible through, only one religion? If that is the case, which one?

zoezhen said...

Jesus...he came to me in a can anyone refuse such an offer?!!!

HappyOrganist said...

'still small voice', eh

Zhen, are you being sarcastic?
Well anyway - I'll tell my own story.
I met the Lord in person in the shape of a 60 year old woman. And we've (ahem) been friends every since ;)
[The interesting thing about that story is that it helped me realize we'd been friends all along - I just couldn't remember.] believed, but wasn't consciously aware. Studied but didn't remember. Then I met someone who showed me who he was (is!) and now I remember (and will never forget). Will be eternally happy that I went through that experience (and managed to regain my sense of who I am thereafter).
I tell you there's nothing more strange than meeting someone who reminds you (on every level) who you are - and at the same time (shortly afterward) not having a clue WHO you are (yourself). And then afterward, eventually healing (and retaining that sense of who you are) - and it all gets better. was that obscure.
anyway, it was an adjustment.

So how 'bout you write me a really long email and tell me about this dream you had.


zoezhen said...

actually HO I met a reflection of me too before- very familiar.

why do i need to write a really long email when i have already been succinct? :P

HappyOrganist said...

Punk ;)

zoezhen said...

sheesh i tell you the TRUTH and you call me a PUNK? You mormons are too difficult to please! :P

HappyOrganist said...

Boy don't you know it

Evil Shannanigans said...

I had faith but I traded it in for an aloof hands of approach to God. It works for me.