Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am a lot more cultured and pretentious than I give myself credit for ;)

It occurred to me while watching The Squid and The Whale that perhaps I am a lot more cultured than I give myself credit, namely cos the elitist protagonist and his son's various highbrow cultural references were actually quite known to me...LOL I had even forgotten that I had actually read Kafka's Metamorphosis until they mentioned it was about a bug!

Not only that but some other obscure references mentioned in various sources I chuckled over lately-things which might go over most people's heads as unfamiliar&new- so I actually realised I'm more knowledgeable about various facets of things cultured than I would have thought...I had the privilege of attending a great piano performance and was surprised to be very familiar with 80% of the offerings across composers and pieces...not only that I actually recognised the sound of Steinways! LOL

So yes, in conclusion I guess there is a reason why I like Europeans and have a lot to talk about with them...definitely, if Down Under peeps regard Europeans as snobbish and pretentious just cos they are cultured&intellectual...I think I like to bat for this team! :)


HappyOrganist said...

I can't decide if I'm going to be forward or shy tonight. I'm going to make myself go since I am feeling shy. But who knows.

yes this has absolutely nothing to do with your post. Cute post, though!
watch out world, Zhen is cultured and pretentious (two things which *I would not have put together/grouped together). But you have fun with that ;DD
remember. you are still a punk =P

zhen said...

actually strangely you got that first paragraph right about what actually transpired but i am so glad i went it was FANTASTIC musically. lol still a social retard though...need to ditch the cynicism so that i don't regard people who are just friendly all as "predatory".

yes i am a PUNK- don't make me like the label so much though...

p.s i have an envelope for you still waiting to be sent- not sure if it's gonna make it through your customs though so yeah...we'll see!

HappyOrganist said...

finally sending me that bottle of sherry. that's so nice. ^^